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Fantastic Israel

Fantastic Israel

Tali Taisiya Melter is the artist behind the "Fantastic Israel" brand. Tali
immigrated to Israel as a teenager and instantly felt a deep connection to her new home.
She has spent the last two decades living in Binyamina with her husband and two young children, and she has fallen in love with the picturesque landscapes of Israel.
Tali began her journey as a mother of young children looking for stimulating screenless activities to enjoy quality time with her kids. As a proud Israeli, she searched for fun activities that could amaze and teach her kids about the awe-inspiring landscapes of Israel.
At the time, there was nothing. She took this on herself to hand-draw and develop her fantastic books and games about the natural beauty of Israel, including the incredible flora and fauna, without the shortcuts of AI.
Tali’s books and games have been accredited by various public museums in Israel and are sold at home and abroad. Her books and games are proudly 100% Israeli Made.
In addition to this, the “Fantastic Israel” memory games are constructed in collaboration with the non-profit organization “Israel Elwyn” which empowers young disabled Israelis in the Galilee.
It is a thoughtful gift for kids ages 5 and up, and it is an ideal educational resource for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers who want to teach about the Land of Israel in a fun and interactive way.

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