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Material Girlz

Material Girlz

Adi Tal, a graduate of the Ceramics and Glass Department at Bezalel: "My work is characterized by a connection to the botanical world I grew up in and is expressed in ceramic objects that often function as lighting fixtures."

Shai Jercy, a graduate of the Ceramics Department at the Tel Hai Arts Institute: "Wheel throwing is central to my practice. I use clay to create sculptures that incorporate various vessels, forming images with new meanings that enrich the utilitarian context."

"We create projects that stem from each of our backgrounds in the world of ceramics and the wonderful connection between them. It's a fusion of wheel-thrown pottery and casting, design and craft, utilitarian objects, and conceptual works in clay.

Our pieces evolve through a long process of experimentation and exploration, with each project built around a fundamental principle of the material world: using local clays, examining the concept of fracture, and more. The work evolves from attempting to stretch the boundaries of that principle, solve problems, and discover new possibilities it offers.
We often use local materials and approach the history of ceramics in Israel through our personal connection to this place and its story. This narrative serves as inspiration for the forms, colors, and techniques in our work. However, our greatest source of inspiration is the ceramic material itself and the boundless possibilities it presents."

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